The 7 Best Central Coast Hikes That Need To Be On Your Bucket List

Being an eco-tourism hot spot the Central Coast is renowned for having some of the best hiking trails in NSW. However, with the abundance of hiking trails, it can be daunting to pick a track. The Central Coast has an abundance of hidden gems, lookouts, deep canyons, waterfalls, and hikes. Some of the best Central Coast hikes are the ones that feature little traffic and others are popular and for good reason. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best hikes Central Coast has to offer.

These are 7 of the best hiking trails and bushwalks on the Central Coast to help you start exploring this beautiful region of NSW. These walks will have the potential to challenge you physically but all of the hikes offer something unique to the area and will not compromise with the views. Many of these hikes feature natural beauty including waterfalls and natural lookouts.

These bushwalks are often great family-friendly hikes too. Whilst all these hikes are not kid friendly a range is. If you’re looking for more Central Coast family-friendly bush walks make sure you check them out here.

From accessible boardwalks to rough terrain here is our pick of the best Central Coast hikes.

Bouddi Coastal Walk
best walks central coast nsw: Bouddi national park

Grade: Moderate Length: 8.5kms one way

Bouddi National Park is famous for having one the best walks NSW has to offer, this central coast walk is what the national park is famous for. This hike is in the Bouddi Coastal Walk. This well-maintained trail takes you from boardwalks to cliff edges as you take in the scenery in one of Australia’s first marine sanctuaries. The scenery on the Bouddi Coastal Walk is unparalleled and regardless of the length of the hike you choose to complete you’ll be treated to unique flora and fauna. For this reason, Bouddi National Park is on the list for any hiker, whether they are after a short walk or a long hike the coastal walk has it covered.

Abbotts Falls
secret waterfall Central coast Abbotts falls

Grade: Hard Length: 10kms return

Chances are you haven’t heard of this waterfall before. This is one of the Central Coast’s best-kept secrets and one of the best-hidden gems Central Coast has to offer. After walking through the rugged bushland, and climbing into a chasm you’ll be treated to a little grotto waterfall that looks like it’s been plucked straight out of a fairy tale. This Central Coast waterfall is any hiker’s dream and makes for a challenging hike.

You can read more about this waterfall here, along with a hiking guide.

Somersby Falls
easy walks central coast: Somersby Falls is the perfect family friendly hike

Grade: Easy Length:600m

Somersby Falls is a popular day trip from Sydney and Newcastle and is easily the most popular waterfall on the Central Coast. This is one of the easy hikes Central Coast has and features a 3 tier waterfall which is the perfect family day trip. Whilst the hike is only a total of 600m there are countless stairs here so keep that in mind before venturing to the bottom of the falls.

Piles Creek Loop
best hike central coast: Girrakool offers varied hikes and there is a hike for every fitness level.

Grade: moderate Length: 4.2kms

One of the most popular hikes on the Central Coast is the Piles Creek Loop. This is one of the most unique things to do on the Central Coast, as the short walk features stepping stones, walking through caves, waterfalls, and a large swing bridge. This hike can be challenging, however, is a lot of fun and offers beautiful jungle-like scenery the entire hike.

Spion Kop
hidden gems central coast: Spion Kop is the best hike Central Coast has to offer.
hidden gems central coast

Grade: moderate Length 10kms return

Spion Kop is easily one of the best lookouts Central Coast has to offer. This little-known lookout is nestled deep in the Brisbane Water National Park and offers unique views of Woy Woy. This hike features waterfalls and beautiful views of the Brisbane Waters area. This hidden gem should be at the top of any hiker’s list on the Central Coast. This can be easily paired with the Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

You can get this hiking guide for this hike here

Patonga to Pearl Beach
central coast hikes: Warrah lookout Patonga

Grade: moderate Length: 7.7kms

Boasting views of Sydney, this hike is sure to be a hit with the whole family! Starting at Patonga you’ll trek through the dense bush up the headland to find Warrah Lookout, one of the more popular lookouts on the Central Coast. From here you can head down to pearl beach or head back to the way you came to Patonga. Here you’ll also have the option to check out the hidden gem Elephant Rock which is nearby.

You can read about this track here

Emerald pools
Emerald pools, best wild swimming central coast

Grade: moderate Length 10kms loop

The Emerald Pools in Popran National Park is a very popular wild swimming location Central Coast has to offer. The pools are named due to the emerald green colour of the water. The walk itself is mostly fire trails, making it an easier and less exciting walk however the site and experience of swimming in these pools are why it has made this list.

If you’re looking for more hikes make sure you check out the best hikes in Brisbane Waters National Park

Or if you’re looking for an adventurous hike in the Blue Mountains make sure you check out Coxs Cave.


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