The Best View on the Central Coast: Spion Kop

spion kop hike central coastHave you been seeing this phenomenal view on your Instagram? No? Maybe we were the only ones…. but If you have or even if you haven’t and we got your attention we’re going to show you the best way to get to one of the best lookouts on the Central Coast NSW! This is Spion Kop, It’s a bit of a hike but trust us. It’s worth it!

Spion Kop on the Central Coast is a low-traffic lookout that overlooks Woy Woy and Woy Woy Bay. This Central Coast hidden gem is a must for a hiker in the area due to the challenging hike and the phenomenal view you are met with at Spion Kop. We highly recommend taking on further research before embarking on this Central Coast hike as there is little reception on this trail and is a long and challenging hike. However, with this being said it is one of the best hikes Central Coast has to offer and should be on every hiker’s bucket list.



This was our second attempt at getting here. After a day’s worth of research last year during the lockdown, we attempted to get to this lookout and failed spectacularly. We ran into a family along the road who were also attempting to get here. They also failed miserably. We climbed mangroves and bush-bashed up a mountain and eventually gave up. And luckily we did or we would have been stranded due to the rising tide.

This time we came at it from a different angle and took a much easier/longer route to get here. Our maps did do us dirty though. So we are now showing you the best way to get there without the bush bashing we had to do on both journeys.

best lookout central coast


View from Spion Kop

First Things First

Every time you go hiking remember to pack the following:


    • First Aid Kit – We recommend this emergency first aid kit as it is designed for travel and can easily be placed in your day pack.

    • Water – For obvious reasons.

    • An offline map – not everywhere has access to the internet and you need to be prepared.

    • Snacks – for extra energy.

    • Camera – so you can capture some memories.

    • Multi tool – So you’re prepared for anything.

spion kop central coast


hidden gems central coast

Spion Kop

Length 10kms grade; Moderate/hard

For this hike, you’ll need to park at Bambara Fire Trail on Woy Woy Road. From here you can also find the Egyptian Hieroglyphs if you’re interested in adding a few extra kms to your hike.

There is a relatively large carpark out the front of this carpark which is great so you shouldn’t have any issues finding a park. From here you’ll jump the metal gate and head along the Bambara Fire trail for approx 1.5kms. This is a lovely fire trail and a lot of it is sheltered which is a nice change.

From here you’ll eventually reach a T intersection where you’ll head right onto the Koolewong Fire trail. Along this trail, there is an informal, yet very obvious lookout over Koolewong. The lookout is also home to Aboriginal engravings. Whilst they are weathered they are quite impressive to see.

If you choose to find a lookout along this trail be mindful and respectful.

You’ll need to stay on the Koolewong fire trail for approx 1km until you see this sign.

spion kop central coast


Turn right at this sign

Finding this sign means you won’t need to bush bash, and will take at least 15 minutes off your hike each way.

Turn right at this sign and follow this path until you see a path heading off to the left.

Now you’re on an informal track with no name. Depending on how busy it’s been it can be quite overgrown so be mindful of this before you leave.

The only way to describe this trail is rugged. Along this trail you’ll be consistently ducking, pushing trees out of the way, jumping boulders and climbing over trees. But with all that being said it is easy enough to follow.

Once you’re on this track you’ll follow it for approx. 500m until you reach a creek. You will need to cross this creek and depending on the amount of rain there has been it could be difficult. When we visited, it was a fast-moving creek and fairly wide, so we had to jump across (thank god for waterproof boots). We imagine it would be easier if it had been a drier summer.

Once you cross the creek, head left and follow the creek downstream. You’ll need to walk along the creek bed for approx 500m until you find a goat’s trail in between two boulders heading off the creek and up to a wider path. You may need to bush bash a little bit depending on creek levels, but if you continue downstream you’ll eventually reach the path again.

Hopefully to your surprise, you’ll see the creek you were following turn into a beautiful unnamed waterfall. We imagine during dry periods this won’t be flowing, but it was very tempting to cool off here on our hike.

From here there is a quick ascent and the trail starts getting harder. The track is easy to stay on and you’ll pass through natural walkways through boulders and scramble along boulders at times.

how to find spion kop central coast


One of the natural walkways you’ll pass through

Almost there…

This is the track you’ll stay on for the remainder of the hike. There are a few moments where it might feel like you lose track, but if the path remains obvious enough you will be able to find it again easily.

Approx 700m before you reach Spion Kop there is a false moment of hope where you think you’ve made it. There is an unexpected lookout over Waterfall Bay. It is tempting to call it a day here, but Spion Kop isn’t far.

Jump back on the trail to the right of this lookout and follow the trail until you reach Spion Kop. This is easily one of the most beautiful views on the Central Coast. Standing at approx. 140m tall and holds an unusual rock formation. Rumour has it that Spion Kop (Afrikaans for “Spy Head”) was named after a famous Boer War battle site in the northern Natal Province – the hill is said to bear a close resemblance to its South African counterpart when viewed from a distance.

Central Coast spion kop


Take in this view!

Enjoy this spot! Hopefully, you’ll be the only one at the beautiful location very few get to see in the flesh!

Heading out

Come back the way you came and remember don’t leave a trace.

hidden gems central coast spion kop


Spion Kop lookout

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