Secret Spots on the Central Coast

Have you ever stumbled upon a secret spot that just feels too good to be true? Maybe it’s 2 minutes off the main trail, maybe your friend showed it to you one day, or maybe you read it on a blog like this one. But whatever the case is, you found it and it felt special because you were the only one there.

Here we are going to be sharing some of the best secret spots on the Central Coast NSW and Lake Macquarie, each one has been chosen for their unique value, accessibility and isolation. Chances are you’ll be the only ones at all of these.

This waterfall should have made the list, but we felt like it needed its own post! Make sure you find these waterfalls while you’re exploring.

If you’re looking for more hikes and hidden gems on the Central Coast make sure you check out our Central Coast hiking guidebook below. In the book, there are 42 hikes to central coast waterfalls, hidden gems, lookouts and wild swimming locations. Many of these are not available elsewhere.

Woy Woy Infinity Pool

Woy Woy Pool
Woy Woy Waterfall

Ah, the internet, it’s great but when they leak the details of your favourite spot it can be infuriating. This has been one of the best secret spots on the central coast NSW. We visited this spot during lockdown long before it went viral, and since the location has been leaked. However, we want to point out that this is not a safe location. The rocks are slippery and the rock scrambling is not for someone new to it. Some of the drops are the length of your legs, and on top of all that, the pool itself has been deemed unstable. However, it is still a beloved secret spot on the Coast. If you just wanted to take a squiz at it go for it! But we can say that we would recommend swimming here.

‘Egyptian Hieroglyphs’ in Gosford

Kariong Glyphs in gosford.
Hieroglyphs found in Gosford

The origin of the Gosford Glyphs is highly debated. Some people will tell you it was a war vet from WW1, who came back from service with PTSD, couldn’t handle being back and went out into the bush and started to carve them into the rock. Others believe students from the University of Sydney did it as a practical joke. And others, wholeheartedly believe that they are genuine Egyptian hieroglyphs. We don’t know the origin but regardless they are very impressive.

To find this hidden gem, make sure you check out the guide for this location here

Rock Pools Catherine Hill Bay

Hidden Gems central coast
one of the rock pools at catho

Few are lucky enough to experience the Rock Pools at Catherine Hill Bay, but if you’re willing to do some exploring on the rock shelves you’re in for a treat! There are dozens of swimmable rock pools just waiting for you! Make sure you go at low tide so that you aren’t putting yourself in danger, and tell people where you are going.

secret rock pool at catho

You can find directions to this rock pool in our ebook below!

The Emerald Pools

emerald pools in Popran National Park

The Emerald Pools are definitely the unsung heroes of the swimming holes on the Central Coast. Nestled in the Popran National Park, the pools are easy enough to find. And chances are you’ll be the only ones on the track or at the pool itself.

The glistening green water is awe-inspiring and we don’t think they get anywhere near the credit they deserve, the water however is freezing. If you have any idea what an ice bath feels like you’ll know exactly what you’re in for.

The Pink Caves

Pink Caves NSW
The Pink Caves

Another absolute gem near Catherine Hill Bay. This area is bountiful with hidden gems. The pink caves here are very special and also a fragile ecosystem. The pink is an algae, as long as it’s not the middle of summer you can sit in the caves and listen to the waves crash onto the pink rocks. It’s very soothing.

One thing to make clear here though is don’t swim in the algae. We know it’s tempting to get the perfect IG shot. and you might even see other people doing it. But please be respectful. The algae is a living organism, you swimming in the rock pools in the caves with them will kill them in the long run.

It’s something that is to be seen but not touched.

This location has been closed by NSWNP due to a high number of deaths in the area.

Overlook of Bouddi National Park

Bouddi Coastal Walk
Bouddi National Park

We’re saving the best to last. It’s not really a secret spot. It’s 1 minute off the Bulimah Spur track In Bouddi National Park, but it involves a small amount of rock scrambling which keeps most people away. All we can say is wow because look at this view. Honestly don’t think you could beat it. Pack a lunch and take it all in, because you could literally sit here for hours and not even notice

Remember, when exploring to leave no trace.

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