Best Swimming Spots on the Central Coast

Over the course of our relationship, we’ve spent our fair share of time exploring. The love for this really came over lockdown when our other hobbies were no longer possible. We both have a love for the outdoors and travelling so we’ve decided to share our favourite and what we consider the best swimming spots on the Central Coast NSW for you to enjoy too!

We’re hoping you’ll be able to find some new hikes, views, swimming holes, or adventures from these points. But if you don’t…. make sure you check out the best hikes on the central coast and secret spots so you can add some more places to your regular trails.

Kariong Brook Falls

We’ll start things off with the most popular option. Kariong Brook Falls has definitely become a popular choice for locals to take in the warm summer days. However if you avoid heading there on a weekend or during school holidays, chances are you’ll have the place to yourself. This is partly why its become one of the best swimming spots on the Central Coast NSW.

If you’re lucky enough to see the falls after recent rain, you’ll be in for a real treat with the falls in full action. The flowing water runs down the mossy rocks and the sound of the falls echoes throughout the chasm.

The falls end in a pool which you can swim in while being surrounded by forest which looks like it’s out of a fairy tale. The water however is murky so you can’t see where you’re putting your feet half the time so you just need to be careful. On a hot day though swimming is a definite must.

How to get there: Don’t make the same mistake that we did by parking at the Tunnel Fire Trail, classic Lost Lesbians… Instead park at the beginning of the Tommos Firetrail off Woy Woy road, Follow the fire trail for approx 2kms until you reach the turn-off to Girrakool. From here it gets a little more difficult with a quick descent into the valley, rock scrambling is involved from here on out so make sure you wear good shoes. From here simply follow the track down the rocks (can’t miss it) until you reach the falls.

For more info check out our blog dedicated to Kariong brook falls

Hot Tip: Pack lunch and spend a few hours down at the falls. It’s a great way to spend the day.

Don’t Skimp out on sunscreen. The fire trail is very exposed and the sun is very harsh.

Keep an eye out for snakes, they’re abundant in the area.

Kariong brooke falls is one the best wild swimming Central Coast has to offer. This hike is 6kms in total and features a waterfall 

Swimming spots on the Central Coast
Kariong brook falls

Emerald Pools

the emerald pools are freezing! but this unique wild swimming spot is great for a dip! Located on the emerald pool loop you'll find this picturesque swimming hole
Swimming in the emerald pools

The Emerald Pools are definitely the unsung heroes of the swimming spots on the Central Coast NSW. Nestled in the Popran National Park, the pools are easy enough to find. And chances are you’ll be the only ones on the track or at the pool itself.

The glistening green water is awe-inspiring and we don’t think they get anywhere near the credit they deserve. The water however is freezing. If you have any idea what an ice bath feels like you’ll know exactly what you’re in for.

The walk there however is a different story. The walk is honestly one of the more boring tracks around and if it wasn’t for the pools halfway through it wouldn’t even be making it onto the list, even with Mt Olive on the track.

The 9.7km hike would be listed as moderate. There are only a few hard parts and will be suitable for most fitness levels as long as you are okay with a long walk.

Make sure you pack the sunscreen too as half the hike and the pool itself are completely exposed to the sun.

How to get there: Entry is along Ironbark Road in Popran National Park. You can park right next to the toilet block at the entry of the park. From here you can go left or right, it’s just a loop, If you choose to go left first, head to Mt Olive first to catch some views of the National Park before heading back to the track. Follow the trail for approx 2 km until you reach the Hominy Creek track and follow the track until you reach the creek. Cross the creek and follow the creek to the pools. You’ll pass some great little waterfalls along the way.

Hot Tip: Do the trail anti-clockwise to avoid a long tedious hike out of the pools (Made that mistake before).

Emerald pools walk
Emerald pools, popran national park

Ghosties Beach

Ghosties cave is located on Ghosties beach and features a giant sea cave which is accessible during low tide
Spectacular sea cave at ghosties beach perfect for swimming

You can read more about Ghosties cave here

Ghosties Beach is something special. Let me start with that. It’s easily become one of our favourite swimming spots. I couldn’t tell you how many days we spent at the beach completely alone its surreal.

Nestled in the Munmorah Conservation area, you’re going to find some great beaches. Most are easily accessible, and gorgeous. But along with this is the crowds. If you’re looking for a beach away from the people and worth the walk this one is for you.

Ghosties Beach has hands down one of the best walk-through sea caves on the East Coast of Australia. Don’t get me wrong, Caves Beach in Lake Macquarie is pretty spectacular but Ghosties is in another world. Inside the cave is a secluded area where you can swim, or set up a picnic area if the time is right. Listen to the waves and take it all in. Chances are you’ll be the only one there or one of the few. Most people aren’t keen on taking all their things 2.5 km along the beach. Most people you see are coming for a sticky beak and move off quickly so they won’t bother you for too long. You’ll thank us one day if you take everything you need for a day at the beach in a backpack and set up for the day.

How to get there: You’re going to need to park in the new estate at Catherine Hill Bay and walk from there along the Moonee Beach trail on Hooey Street. Parking is limited so don’t bank on getting a park right at the trail itself. Walk along the trail until the very end when you come out on Moonee Beach. Turn right and head south along the beach. You’re going to need to walk past the headland and the sand dunes which will take you to Ghosties Beach. The caves are at the other end of the beach.

Hot Tip: Go at low tide if you want to get inside the caves, it gets very rough in the caves during high tide

Make sure you pack lunch and some shade. There is little to no shade at this beach so if you’re planning on spending the day here you’ll definitely need to be prepared. It’s a long walk back.

You can read more about this hike here.

inside ghosties sea cave
inside Ghosties cave

Woy Woy Infinity Pool

Woy Woy infinity pool went viral in 2021 for its unique location and waterfall.
Infinity pool at Woy Woy

Lastly. The location for this one has been gate kept for years. We only found out the location through a friend who was kind enough to share the location with us. But since that, the waterfall went viral and the location was leaked. With that being said, the reason that the location was gate kept is that the location is dangerous.

Don’t get us wrong it is phenomenal, especially after the rain. But the rock scrambling involved is not for someone new to hiking and the pool itself has been listed as unstable. Because of this, we are choosing not the share the location, however, it is easy enough to find online for the time being.

When we were here last Kayla was lucky enough to have the permission of some content creators who were in the pools to take and share their photos. The photo got picked up by many online resources, maybe you saw it? We’re still in awe with the photo and that’s honestly why it made the list.

Stay posted! Next, we’ll be sharing some of the best hikes on the Central Coast

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