How to Find Ghosties Sea Cave: Hidden Sea Cave on the Central Coast

Ghosties Sea Cave is one of the most impressive sea caves on the Central Coast and arguably in NSW. The cave is an impressive sandstone sea cave nestled in the cliffs, made after thousands of years of waves eroding the rocks. These beach caves rival other local caves such as Caves Beach caves which are far more accessible. These days most people have heard of Ghosties sea cave and it’s no longer a hidden gem, but have you ever been? The location of this cave steers away the casual walker and leaves it basically untouched most of the time.

Ghosties Beach Sea Cave is an impressive structure both from a distance and up close. The rugged coastlines in the Munmorah Conservation area make for great hiking and exploring. However, the walk to Ghosties Beach is one of the favourites of locals because of this hidden gem on the Central Coast.

Here we’ll be sharing how to get to Ghosties Sea Cave.

Ghosties beach is a secluded beach and features a sea cave.
View of Ghosties Beach from Maktub Rock

How To Find the Ghosties Beach

There are a few routes to find the cave. But we’ll share the most straightforward option. Whilst the cave might be in the Munmorah Conservation Area, the easiest access to the cave is through Catherine Hill Bay. To find the caves you’ll need to park on the western side of Hooey Street in Catherine Hill Bay. Here you’ll find a bush track named ‘Moonee Beach Trail’. There is a sign to mark this trial that simply says ‘beach access’.

Jump on this trail and follow it. You’ll cross a few creeks along this trail but there are makeshift bridges to help you cross. Make sure you cross the bridges slowly, as some tend to be wobbly.

Follow this trail south from approx 700m until you reach the beach. Once you reach the beach head south (right) onto Moonee Beach. Moonee Beach is an impressive beach featuring rock pools and deep blue water. It’s a great beach to spend hours exploring the rock shelves.

in the munmorah conservation area is ghosties sea cave. One of the best caves in NSW
Inside Ghosties Sea Cave

This is a fairly easy walk and you’ll continue on this beach until you reach the sand dunes. From the Carpark to the sand dunes it’s approx 1km. From here you’ll need to climb the sand dunes. Once you’ve crossed these dunes you’ll be on Ghosties Beach and you’ll be able to see Ghosties Sea Cave in the distance.

The entrance of ghosties sea cave
Entrance of Ghosties Sea Cave

Follow the beach until you reach the sea cave.

This beach is isolated and the beach is one of the more impressive beaches on the Central Coast due to the vast sea cave systems and impressive cliff faces.

Enjoy the solitude of this location, there’s a good chance you’ll be one of the few who chooses to venture to find it.

Remember: Leave no Trace


  • Check tides and surf conditions before leaving
  • Do not attempt during high tide
  • Reception is patchy in this location
  • Carry plenty of water
  • Little to no shade is available

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