About Us

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved being outside, whether it be a casual stroll along the beach, a mammoth hike up a mountain or camping in the middle of nowhere I have always loved it. Even some of my favourite memories as a kid were spent around a campsite at Crescent Head with my dog. 

This love is something I’ve taken into my adulthood, I’ve checked off many bucket list hikes (which I didn’t even know were on my bucket list). From hiking in Rwanda up a volcano to see a troop of gorillas, hiking in Thailand in the remote mountains of Chiang Rai and hiking through Mexico to see petrified waterfalls. This love of mine is a love I want to nurture and share, which is where this blog has come from. I noticed within the last year that the hiking and outdoor space is very gatekept, and unless it’s an area where you know people already, it can be very hard to break into. To know what to pack on a hike, to take camping or even just what to look at at a campsite. 

This blog is to fill those gaps. That’s why I’ve created free comprehensive national park guides to remote national parks where you can learn everything from facilities, tips, hikes and all the way to what season to visit. My free hiking guides are much the same, trail notes are for everyone so you can prepare accordingly for your hike and not get stuck when you reach an unexpected intersection.

Kayla Brockett

For those interested in hiking and receiving more guided help, my book ”The Explorers Guide to the Central Coast” includes interactive maps and trail notes to ensure you run into unexpected troubles on a hike and can find your way back to your car. 

If you’re interested in purchasing this book, it can be done so here.   

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