The Best Hikes on the Central Coast

Hiking is great for many reasons it’s a low-budget hobby, a great way to explore your area and also it’s great exercise! One thing we love about hiking is that it can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be! In this article, we’ll be going through some of the best hikes here which offer something a little unique on the Central Coast NSW, so you can get out there and explore more of this gorgeous area!

The Central Coast is spoilt for choice with bushwalking and hiking options and whether you’re looking for an easy bushwalk or to summit a mountain there is something here for you. Many of these hikes are well-maintained and offer incredible views of our varied landscapes. These views are perfect for families and many of these hikes are kid friendly which adds to the appeal of hiking the Central Coast. It doesn’t matter what type of hike you’re looking for, we have it here and every hike offers something new.

Here is your list of some of the best hikes on the Central Coast.

On a side note, there are also a lot of great swimming holes! and viewpoints here on the Central Coast. Make sure you check out our other blog while you’re here.

First Things First!

Every time you go hiking remember to pack the following:
  • First Aid Kit – We recommend this emergency first aid kit as it is designed for travel and can easily be placed in your day pack.
  • Water – For obvious reasons.
  • An offline map – not everywhere has access to the Internet and you need to be prepared.
  • Snacks – for extra energy.
  • Camera – so you can capture some memories.
  • Multi tool – So you’re prepared for anything.

Crackneck lookout to Wyrrabalong lookout

Easy hikes  Central Coast
View from Wyrrabalong lookout.

The Crackneck to Wyrrabalong lookout is easily one of the more popular hikes on the Central Coast and with good reason. This walk has recently had a facelift and has become a lot more accessible. For those who are not the most confident on rocky grounds, this is a godsend. Many of the rocky hills have been upgraded to steel staircases.

Don’t get us wrong these will be a killer on your legs but a lot safer than it was. The views along this entire trail are phenomenal. From the Crackneck lookout, you can see all the way to The Entrance and from Wyrrabalong you can see the cascading cliffs which you’ve been walking along. If you look south you can see Terrigal. These are easily some of the best views on the Central Coast which is definitely why it’s such a popular track!

When you’re done, why not head down to the Bateau Bay Café for one of the best coffees in town an if you’re lucky they might even be stocking some loaded dough cookies for you to refuel on.

The Munmorah Coast Walking Track

Wybung Head walk
Hiking at Wybung Head

We feel like this trail is an unsung hero of hikes. We’ve hiked it a fair few times and we are yet to see anybody else on the track. Nestled in the Munmorah Conservation Area you’ll find one of the best hikes on the Central Coast. To hike to Wybung Head starting on Campbell Dr and you’ll walk through forest and arid areas, whilst also catching glimpses of some of the most pristine and untouched beaches around. The track goes all the way down to Frazer Beach where you can have a swim and recharge before heading back to your car.

If you’re looking for a site worth seeing however you need to take this detour. Once you reach the road mid-way through the track head to the right and make your way to Wynbung Head. You won’t regret this detour. Head down onto the headland itself and you’ll see Frazer Beach and also some of the most spectacular cliff faces you’ll ever see.

Our only tip. Whilst sunset is amazing from up there, you don’t want to have to walk on these tracks while it’s dark. We’ve made that mistake before.

Wybung head
Sunset at Wybung Head

Mount Wondabyne

Mount wondabyne is on the best hikes on the Central coast offering sweeping views of the central coast and sydney.

The longest hike on this list isn’t one to avoid because of the length. Mount Wondabyne is the tallest mountain in the Central Coast region and is definitely a must when it comes to hikes. From the peak, you can see over Brisbane Waters National Park and also see Sydney which is pretty spectacular.

There are multiple ways to summit Mount Wondabyne, however, the easiest is a 10km return walk along the Tunnel Fire Trail. Eventually, you’ll see a sign which says ‘Mount Wondabyne’ where you’ll turn right and follow this trail up to a small campground at a ‘dead end’ where there are toilet facilities.

From here turn right. It’s going to get a bit rockier and you’ll need to keep an eye out for the summit trail. It isn’t signposted but sometimes there is a pink ribbon to show you where it is. If in doubt look up and you should be able to see the mountain. From here it is rock scrambling to the top. Wear the right shoes and there shouldn’t be any issues. The view is worth every ounce of sweat it took you to get there.

View from mount wondabyne. this is one of the best hikes central coast has to offer.
The view from the top of Mount Wondabyne

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

This hike is a great family-friendly hike and we have already dedicated a whole blog post about everything you need to know here.

The origin of these hieroglyphs is a mystery but a must-see when it comes to hikes. It’s a relatively short hike, only 3kms total, but it’s something a little different and suitable for the whole family. You can find the track off the Bambara Road fire trail. The All trails app has a great route that you can follow here

One of the best family friendly hikes is the Gosford glyphs.
The Gosford Glyphs

Piles Creek

The iconic swing bridge on the piles creek loop makes for one of the great short hike Central Coast has
The Iconic Swing Bridge at Piles Creek

If you’re up for a challenge, some waterfalls, a giant swing bridge, the forest and a lot of stairs, then the Piles Creek Loop is for you. This track is listed as moderate, and whilst it’s only 4-5kms in total, the recommended time is 3 hours. Although with this being said, it’s never taken us that long. This loop takes you through every climate. You’ll jump over boulders, walk through caves, see a spectacular swing bridge and be left in awe of the waterfalls. This loop has become one of our favourite trails, it is however busy, and challenging at times.

If you have time add the Girakool Loop to your hike and you’ll see more waterfalls and some Indigenous rock carvings too!

The piles creek look is one of the best hikes central Coast has to offer and features a large swing bridge
Crossing the Piles Creek Swing Bridge

Stickland State Forrest

Okay, we know this should have been listed earlier. But who doesn’t love taking their dog out exploring? One issue with hiking is that so much happens in national parks where dogs aren’t allowed. But we’ll let you in on a little secret. State parks don’t have the same rules, and generally speaking, they are next to national parks.

Stickland State Forest is right next to Brisbane Waters National Park meaning that it shares much of the same climate. So that means you can go exploring in the forest, chase waterfalls and catch some great views all with your best friend by your side. There are dozens of trails to explore out here. Even some with swing bridges. So it’s definitely time to start doing some exploring with your dog!

Dog friendly hikes Central Coast: Strickland forest
Dog Friendly Hiking

Enjoy exploring the beautiful Central Coast! And remember don’t leave a trace when you leave.

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