The Hikers Guide to the Central Coast: Hikes Central Coast

Here on the Central Coast, we are spoilt for choice, whether you are after an easy beach walk, a short casual bushwalk, a family-friendly hike where the kids can run wild or a challenging hike with some amazing views we have it all. With 6 national parks, there is no shortage of choice with the hikes Central Coast offers. However, finding the perfect hike for you can be hard. But with plenty of choices, it means that there is something for everyone regardless of your fitness levels or requirements.

Hopefully, by now you’ve read our article on the best hikes on the Central Coast. If not, we definitely recommend it after reading this one. If you have, welcome back! The Central Coast is a phenomenal place, and if you’re anything like us, you probably took it all for granted and didn’t explore it much until the lockdowns. If you’re after some gorgeous views, some draw-dropping beaches and some hidden gems you’ll be in for a treat. Here is a list of some of the hikes Central Coast has to offer.

First Things First

Every time you go hiking remember to pack the following:
  • First Aid Kit – We recommend this emergency first aid kit as it is designed for travel and can easily be placed in your day pack.
  • Water – For obvious reasons.
  • An offline map – not everywhere has access to the Internet and you need to be prepared.
  • Snacks – for extra energy.
  • Camera – so you can capture some memories.
  • Multi tool – So you’re prepared for anything.

Mount Wondabyne

Mount wondabyne is one the best hikes Central Coast has  to offer
The view from Mt Wondabyne

A must for any coastie. Mount Wondabyne is an unsung gem when it comes to hikes on the central coast. It is the tallest point on the coast and also holds one of the most spectacular views. From the summit you can see across the valley and all the way to Sydney, which if you ask us is pretty neat. The walk is a long one, although for the most part it’s along fire trails so there’s not much bush-whacking and only a small scramble to the top.

Piles Creek & Girrakool

This family friendly hike on the Central Coast will be a hit with the whole family. featuring a swing bridge and lots of waterfalls.
Piles Creek Swing Bridge

You’ll probably hear this a lot, but the Brisbane Waters National Park is something special. Whether your interest comes from hiking, indigenous art, a peaceful stroll, or chasing waterfalls, the Brisbane waters area will have something for you. Nestled in the national park near Somersby is the Piles Creek Loop which is attached to the Girrakool Loop. Both are great for their own reasons and both will check something off your checklist. The Girrakool Loop is rated as easy, and the Piles Creek Loop is rated as moderate, and whilst I have seen many children on the trail, there are some parts that warrant it being rated hard. Take your time. Take in the view. Stop for a break at the Piles Creek swing bridge and you’ll be able to enjoy this one-of-a-kind trail.

Moonee Beach Trail

So, whilst this trail technically starts in Lake Macquarie, the majority of the trail is on the Central Coast. And it doesn’t disappoint. Start the trail at Catherine Hill Bay and you’ll hit a crossroads. Turn left and you’ll head onto Moonee Beach from here you can walk along the beach south for approx 1.5kms and you’ll find one of the most spectacular sea caves in NSW. This is called Ghosties Sea Cave and is at a secluded beach. You can read more about this hidden gem here.

This beach hike will take you to ghosties beach sea cave which is one of the best caves in NSW. This huge cave is only accessible at low tide.
Ghosties Sea Cave

On the other hand, turn right and you’ll continue on the Moonee beach trail into the Munmorah conservation area. Walk along the cliffs and through through the bush and you’ll eventually find yourself at a dirt road. Head left and you’re going to walk down a huge hill and find yourself at snapper point. This is not something to miss. The cave is one of the most beautiful places on the central coast. And whilst you can’t go into the cave. There’s something about sitting on the cliffs and watching the waves crash into it.

If you choose this trail just be careful of the cars on the road.

Snapper point is a giant blow hole. You cannot access the caves but seeing the cave for the first time is pretty spectacular.
Snapper Point Sea Cave

Bulimah Spur

best hike Central Coast has to offer is in the Bouddi National Park these kid friendly hikes will be a hit with the whole family. and great for any fitness level
The view from one of the many view points on the Bulimah Spur Trail

Okay, don’t get us wrong. The entire Bouddi National Park is great! Walking along the cliffs and seeing the natural sandstone formations is a definite must. You need to do the Coastal Walk at least once. However, the Bulimah Spur trail in the Bouddi National Park is something a little different for people who want to do a bit more off-the-grid exploring. This hike requires a bit more confidence on your feet than the other trails in the area, but don’t let that stop you. Some of the best views are found on this trail.

If you follow the alltrails map it will take you to the top of the spur. From there you rock scramble down it. It’s a pretty great hike and a little challenging in spots. Of course though if you’re not up for it you can just take in the views from the top.

Patonga to Pearl Beach

Warrah Lookout is well known and for good reason. The view is spectacular, you can see Sydney and stand on a rugged cliff face as you take it all in. The hike to get there though is just as good! There are countless amount of lookouts along the way to Warrah lookout too which are arguably nicer. If exploring caves are more your thing there are plenty on the Patonga side that you can explore along the way.

get some amazing views at warrah lookout on the southern end of the Central Coast. This easy hike a lot of fun and has some of the best views on the Central Coast
Overlooking Patonga

Mooney Mooney Dam

This family friendly hike features waterfalls and plenty of wildlife.
Underneath the Mooney Mooney Bridge

This hike starts directly below the Mooney Mooney Bridge, which feels surreal. But this hike is one of the trails on the Central Coast which is less trafficked than the others. This however is not a bad thing. The trail is long approx 10kms return and there isn’t really a moment of awe. However, it is a beautiful bush walk. If you’re lucky (and quiet) you might get to see some lyrebirds and other wildlife on the trail. This is one of the perks of the less trafficked trails. If there’s been rain recently too, you’ll be delighted to find some waterfalls when you get closer to the dam as well.

best hikes in Central Coast NSW
On top of the waterfall at Mooney Mooney

Enjoy your time on the beautiful Central Coast! And remember don’t leave a trace when you leave.

While you’re here, have you seen this hidden waterfall before? It’s definitely a hike to add to your list.

Looking for something a little different? Make sure you check out this giant chasm not far from the Central Coast!


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