Hiking to Warrah Lookout at Patonga

The view that needs to be seen to be believed

If you’ve spent time on social media or even just some time on the Central Coast NSW. You probably already know, but there are parts of the Central Coast where you can see Sydney. Pretty cool right? Along Ettalong, Woy Woy, Umina and Patonga there are some amazing views of the Northern Beaches in Sydney. But one place you may not have known about is Warrah Lookout. This viewpoint offers an elevated view of the Northern Beaches which is unmatched to others on the Central Coast.

To get to this lookout there are a few options (you can almost drive right there), but we are going to share our favourite hike to this spot so you can make the most of your time on the southern side of the Central Coast.

The Hike to Warrah Lookout

If you look up online how to get to Warrah Lookout you’ll probably be greeted by many routes which run along the Pearl Beach fire trail. It will start in the middle of a road in Patonga and take you to Pearl Beach. And we can honestly say. Been there, done that, don’t rate it. Don’t get us wrong, in the scheme of Fire trails it is beautiful, it goes through lush forests and caves on the side of the track. However compared to the other option we wouldn’t recommend it, not for the entire hike at least.

alternate view point near warrah lookout Patonga
One of the lookout along the hike

So if you’re looking for an amazing hike that offers great scenery, a bit of a challenge, and jaw-dropping views, this hike is for you.

Grade: moderate Length: 7kms return

This hike starts in Patonga. It’s a little further than the other options but trust us. It’s worth it.

Once you arrive in Patonga you’ll need to park on the northern side of Patonga beach. This is where the Patonga to Pearl Beach Track starts.

Once your car is parked, your pack is on your back and your ready to go you’ll need to walk along the beach for 100 or so metres. Here you’ll be greeted by the ‘Dark Corner’ track. Don’t fret! It’s not a ominous as it sounds. The headland you’re going to walk along is called Dark Corner.

Here you’ll start a steep and rugged staircase. This staircase goes for approx 200 meters. From here you’ll be on a rugged, rocky and overgrown trail. Makes sure you wear good shoes on this trail, the rocks get very slippery.

The track is pretty easy to follow. And it’s gorgeous. The rough terrain makes for a good workout with beautiful waratahs and wildflowers all along the track.

About midway up the track, there are lookouts that veer off the main trail. If you head to these lookouts be wary as the track does get rougher. Although there are beautiful caves to explore along here and some beautiful views.

Once you complete the ascent up the headland, you’ll eventually reach a T intersection. From here you’ll turn right and follow this path from approx. 1km to Warrah lookout. There are railings along this lookout for safety purposes but these do not impact the view. This lookout offers pristine views of Sydney, and on a clear day, you’ll be able to see Lion Island and the Barren Joy Lighthouse in the distance.

warrah lookout walk
warrah lookout

However, we do recommend you head to another lookout before this Warrah Lookout. This lookout is about 500 meters before Warrah Lookout. You’ll be able to easily find it by the concrete cinderblocks which block the path to it. We could argue this lookout is better than Warrah Lookout. The slightly different angle offers a better view of Patonga and also offers a lot more room. You could easily have a picnic here and have the spot to yourself and also one of the best views around.

patonga to warrah lookout
Another lookout along the track

If you choose to head down to Pearl Beach after Warrah lookout all you need to do is head right on the Fire trail and follow to track for 2 km downhill. This will bring you out at Pearl Beach Arboretum. This location holds great significance in promoting conservation at Pearl Beach. Here there is a natural botanic garden that is free to the public. There is also a sculpture garden and oddly enough a piano you can play.

Pearl Beach arboretum
Piano near the entrance of the track

Heading back

This is an out-and-back route, so simply come back the way you came.

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