5 Family Friendly Hikes You Can Find On The Central Coast

Is it currently the school holidays and you’re looking for a new way to entertain the kids, while also getting outside and keeping fit? Perfect! Hiking is great exercise and the Central Coast is known for being an eco-friendly tourist location which inevitably means we have some amazing hiking trails. We’ve got here a list of family-friendly hikes Central Coast has to offer for both you and the kids to enjoy.

On the Central Coast, we are spoilt for choice with hiking and walking options. And whether you’re looking at chasing waterfalls, scrambling through the bush, walking the cliff edges or casually walking along the beach there is something for you here on the Central Coast. Finding kid-friendly hikes and walks though is a different story. Finding information on hikes that are not only accessible for families but also enjoyable can be difficult. That’s what we’re here for. These kid-friendly bushwalks involve plenty of exploring and things to look at and will be a treat for the whole family!

You might also be interested in some easy hikes on the Central Coast!

Every time you go hiking remember to pack the following:
  • First Aid Kit – We recommend this emergency first aid kit as it is designed for travel and can easily be placed in your day pack.
  • Water – For obvious reasons.
  • An offline map – not everywhere has access to the internet and you need to be prepared.
  • Snacks – for extra energy.
  • Camera – so you can capture some memories.
  • Multi tool – So you’re prepared for anything.

Somersby Falls

Grade: Easy Length: 600m return
Somersby falls is one of the best family friendly hikes Central Coast has to offer.
Somersby Falls is the perfect spot to start exploring with the family

This short but steep hike will be a hit with the kids! Featuring a 3 tier waterfall and beautiful rainforests this picturesque location is a must for any coastie or tourist to explore!

This hike is relatively easy, and although it does feature countless stairs, the kids will love being able to explore the rugged terrain and scramble looking for the best viewpoints of the falls.

Take their swimmers and take them under the falls for a real treat!

This is one of the best short walks Central Coast has to offer and will be a treat for the whole family. Marvel at the sheer size of Somersby Falls, and make sure you visit after rain to see the falls in their full glory.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Grade: moderate Length: 2.9kms
Gosford glyphs is a kids dream! Pretend your part of Indiana jones on this kid friendly hike
Gosford glyphs is a kids dream! Pretend you’re part of Indiana jones on this kid friendly hike

We love this hike so much that we’ve already dedicated an entire blog post to this hike, with all the info and directions here!

However, if you’re not after a bigger read here is a little summary.

Found in 1975, and with an unknown origin the kids will love exploring and looking for these rock carvings! Pretend you’re in Indiana Jones and explore the caves and rock formations near Kariong to try and find the rock cravings!

This easy hike will be a hit with kids who are up for an adventure. As they rock scramble their way to the glyphs, the moment they find them will be pure joy.

On this hike, you’ll also get to marvel at a spectacular red gum known as a grandmother tree, and impressive rock formations. This hike will be a hit with the whole family and will be something they tell all their friends about back at school. It’s not every day you get to see hieroglyphs after all.

Strickland Forrest

Grade: moderate
dog friendly hike alert! This hike is perfect for the entire family!
dog-friendly hike alert! This hike is perfect for the entire family!

Strickland Forest near Gosford is a great opportunity for the whole family, including your pup to get into the great outdoors! The hiking trails are a lot of fun as you wander through the beautiful forest which feels like another world.

This dog-friendly walk is perfect for families of all ages and is easily one of the most unique and best walks Central Coast has to offer.

Jump on the Arboretum and Bellbird Tracks and you’ll find a little swing bridge that will entertain the kids for hours. Climb fallen trees and run along with the dog on the well-maintained tracks.

Or head on the Falls trail and feel like you’ve entered Jurassic Park and check out the waterfall halfway along the track. Have a picnic once you’re done with a great view overlooking Gosford. You can find this at the beginning of the track.

Either way, this is a great place for the whole family to get out and explore!

Tessellated Pavement

Grade: easy Length 2.1kms

If you haven’t gone to Bouddi National Park before this is your sign to. The tessellated pavement will be a hit with the kids as they explore the unique rock formations. These are something that needs to be seen in person. And along with the natural beauty of Bouddi National Park you’ll be left in awe by the end of it.

There are informational signs along this walk to inform about the structures, making this not only a beautiful sight but also educational.

Start this hike at Putty Beach campground. If you want a longer hike, you can easily continue along the Bouddi Coastal Walk for as long as you please, and take in the beauty of this National Park.

Warrah Lookout from Pearl Beach

Grade: Moderate Length 3.5kms
Warrah lookout is the perfect family friendly walk with amazing lookouts viewing sydney.
Warrah lookout overlooks the northern beaches of Sydney. It is one of the best kid-friendly bushwalks on the Central Coast

We already have a whole post dedicated to Warrah Lookout here. The beauty found here is phenomenal and unapparelled on the coast. However, there is an easier way to go. Which depending on the age of the kids, could be a better option. It’s a short and steep fire trail through the forest featuring caves and sometimes waterfalls. This will be hit with the family when you reach the lookout.

From the lookout, you can see the north shore of Sydney, and thankfully thanks to the structures on the cliff face, the kids safely walk right to the edge of the cliff without giving you a heart attack!

At the base of this hike make sure you explore the sculpture garden at the Pearl Beach Arboretum.

Hopefully, you’ve found some a hike you’re interested in!

If you have, make sure you pack this is your pack every time you hike!


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