The Best Eco Friendly Wine in Australia

Lately, we’ve been all about making small changes to limit our impact on the earth. And being BIG wine lovers it only made sense to find the best eco-friendly wine in Australia. Before making these decisions we had never really thought about wine. But it turns out there are many environmental impacts of wine production. A lot of these impacts are directly linked to production including transport, electrical supply needed for production, ventilation, lighting, aircon, and a lot more. This is how we came across Greenskin Wine and how we learned about its mission.

About Greenskin Wine

Greenskin wine was made by explorers for explorers. Created by veterans in the wine industry the creators of this eco-friendly wine company wanted to put the environment at the forefront and create new packaging which can suit an active lifestyle, be the best eco-friendly wine for camping Australia has to offer, and also be kinder to the environment. Being pioneers in the wine industry they decided not to sacrifice quality in this endeavor and have created some of the best wine in Western Australia, but also the best eco-friendly wine in Australia.

best eco friendly wine for camping australia
How are they the best eco-friendly wine for camping

As mentioned earlier. This wine has been designed for explorers by explorers. Greenskin wine comes in an eco-friendly pouch, which is not much bigger than a hand. These 750ml pouches are extremely packable and are 100% recyclable.

When it comes to camping/traveling or just being in nature one thing that is always considered is room. And let’s be honest, a bottle of wine takes up a lot of room. So what are your options? You either pack less wine than you planned, buy more on the road, and potentially pay through the nose for cheap wine or sacrifice other things for the wine. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? And this is exactly why we love Greenskin Wine.

To put it in perspective. Greenskin Wine states “Emits far fewer carbon emissions to transport due to its lightweight, compact nature. eg: When we transport one (1) truckload of empty Greenskin pouches to a winery to get filled, to send the same volume of empty glass bottles it would take twenty-six (26) trucks!”

best environmentally friendly wine

This goes to show how much less room it takes up in comparison to regular glass bottles. The pouches also produce 80% fewer emissions to produce than glass and every order includes a free prepaid recycling post pack to send the pouches to REDcycle so they can be recycled correctly! Pretty neat right?

Greenskin Wine is only new but is on track to be one of the most sustainable wine companies Australia has with their innovative packaging which doesn’t sacrifice quality we can easily say that Greenskin Wine is the best environmentally friendly wine for camping in Australia has to offer.

Greenskin Wine has also been kind enough to offer our readers $20 off with the code KAYLA20

Looking to make some more eco-friendly decisions? Make the most of eco-friendly camping!


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