5 Of The Best Central Coast Lookouts To Add To Your Bucket List

The Central Coast is a beautiful area comprising of 6 National Parks, jagged coastlines, impressive sandstone cliff faces, and beautiful beaches. Naturally, in an area with an abundance of landscapes, there will be an abundance of hikes and lookouts. In this article, we will be exploring the best Central Coast lookouts for you to explore with the whole family.

Exploring the Central Coast often means hiking and bushwalking. However many of the best lookouts on the Central Coast are easily accessible and often on kid-friendly bushwalks. Which means it’s perfect for a family day out in nature. Many of the hikes and lookouts we will be exploring are also some of the best hikes on the Central Coast

It is however important to note that while these hikes and lookouts will be family-friendly, you should also take the age of your family into consideration before embarking as many of the lookouts do not have railings and there is always the potential for dangerous wildlife on the hikes or at the lookouts. Please be mindful of this before heading to these locations.

Bulimah Spur

best walks central coast bouddi national park
one of the lookouts on the bulimah spur trail

Bouddi National Park is one of the best National Parks in NSW and arguably has some of the best lookouts. However, one is often missed in the Bulimah Spur. This lookout offers sweeping views of the Bouddi National Park and offers multiple lookouts along the way. This also has an abundance of wildlife. If you’re lucky you could find wallabies, echidnas, and goannas on the trail. It is important to note that there are no railings on any of the lookouts along this easy hike.

Snapper Point

snapper point blowhole
Snapper point in Munmorah Conservation Area

On the north end of the Central Coast, you’ll find the Munmorah Conservation area. This area is known for having some of the best-hidden gems Central Coast has to offer. Often missed is the snapper point. This lookout can be driven up to in a 2wd and offers amazing views of a giant sea cave, known as snapper point. Under rough seas and high tide, this sea cave turns into one the best blowholes in NSW and is honestly a spectacular site to see. The lookout itself offers railings for safety on the edge. However, there are other vantage points on the sea cave which do not provide this level of safety.

Snapper Point is also one of the best locations to see Humpback Whales migrating and is a popular location for families to explore. It is important to note, that whilst to Lookout is accessible to 2wd, it is on an unsealed road, and under unfavorable conditions it will not be safe.

2nd Point Trail Lookout

secret lookout central coast
Best secret lookout on the Central Coast

This is one of the best secret lookouts on the Central Coast. Located on the northern side of Bouddi National Park you’ll find this easy hike that offers views of Macmasters Beach and Copacabana. Few people visit this lookout and are the perfect spot for a picnic, date night, or even just a family-friendly hike.

For more info on this lookout and the hiking guide, please see our article on this secret lookout on the Central Coast

Warrah Lookout

family friendly lookout warrah lookout
Warrah Lookout offers safety on the edge

Located in the Brisbane Water National Park you’ll find Warrah lookout. This lookout offers views of the Hawkesbury River and the north shore of Sydney. You’ll also be able to see the Barren Joy Lighthouse and Lion Island. This is easily one of the most popular lookouts and hikes on the Central Coast and conveniently there are many options to access this lookout, from easy to moderate hikes.

Families will also be glad to know that there are safety railings at Warrah Lookout which allow you to walk right to the edge safely and without the view being affected.

To see our favorite way to access this lookout check out our hiking guide for Warrah Lookout.

Andamira Lookout

girrakool waterfall in brisbane waters national park
Girrakool waterfall during the dry season

The only lookout featuring a lookout is a hit with families! Located in the Brisbane Water National Park on the Girrakool loop. Catch this waterfall after rain and it is easily one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the Central Coast, or catch it during the dry season and explore the area around it. Access to this lookout is easy and approx 500m from the Girrakool picnic area. This family-friendly hike will be a hit with the whole family. This area is a popular location with families as there is access to indigenous engravings and piles creek waterfall on the Girrakool Loop as well.

Hopefully, we have been able to help you find some new lookouts to add to your bucket list. If you’re looking for some more to do in the area make sure you check out the 7 best hikes on the Central Coast.


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