Secret Waterfall On The Central Coast: Ironbark Falls

Coming into summer, one thing that is sure to be on everyone’s bucket lists will be chasing some waterfalls. The Central Coast has countless waterfalls which get lots of traffic from tourists passing through. However, this Central Coast waterfall is often missed and remains relatively untouched. Nestled in Mangrove Mountain, Ironbark Falls is a 5 tier waterfall that needs to be seen to be believed. After a short but rugged hike, you’ll be greeted by this beautiful waterfall which looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale.

Whilst you cannot swim in Ironbark Falls, it is easily one of the best waterfalls Central Coast has to offer due to the picturesque scenery and rugged bushland which surrounds the falls. The hike to the falls isn’t the easiest which also leads to the falls being relatively untouched. It appears that once upon a time this was a well-looked-after track, as there are remains of stairs and viewing platforms on the track. However, this has all been left in disrepair which adds to the rugged nature of the track and leads to one of the best Central Coast hikes.

central coast hidden gem

How to find Ironbark Falls

Grade: Moderate Length 1km

To find the hike to Ironbark Falls you’ll need to plug coordinates into your GPS. Here you’ll find the remains of Ironbark Reserve. DO NOT FOLLOW GOOGLE MAPS.

Remains of ironbark falls reserve.
Ironbark Falls Reserve

From here follow the track behind the sign for approx 200m. This track runs along the side of a house, so be mindful of this while on this track. Once the property comes to an end veer to the right and continues on this track for another 200m.

On the left, you’ll be greeted by this sign.

rugged hike on the Central Coast

At the sign turn onto the track to the left of this sign and follow this track.

From here stay on this track until you find Ironbark Falls.

It is important to note this is not an easy hike like stated in many places online. The track is currently heavily degraded due to heavy rain. The stairs have rotten and fallen apart and care needs to be taken while on this track.

Leeches are also common on this hike.

secret waterfall on the Central Coast: Ironbark falls

We hope that this helps you find the best waterfalls on the Central Coast and that you get to enjoy Popran National Park’s hidden gem.

Ironbark falls hike
Long Exposure of Iron Bark Falls

If you’re looking for some more hiking inpso for the Central Coast make sure you find the best lookouts in the area!


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