Exploring the Central Coast, NSW and beyond.

maitland bay

Hiking and camping have become much more than just a hobby, it’s become a lifestyle. 

Based on the Central Coast NSW, Kayla and Nicole have shared a love for the outdoors with the world. This beautiful region has ignited a new passion and a desire to share this with the world. 

We are here to share hiking guides, national park guides and camping tips for the Central Coast region and beyond as we slowly travel the NSW area in our rooftop tent. 

Since we are based on the Central Coast we have a vast knowledge of the area and have since written a book on our favourite hidden gems, hikes, waterfalls and swimming holes in the area. 

For those interested in this interactive guide, it can be purchased with secure payments here. 


Don't fret - whenever we go camping or on a holiday; you can bet you'll be along for the ride too.

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