Find the best hikes Central Coast has to offer in our Central Coast guide book!

Central Coast hidden gems

Over the course of the last year we have been exploring the Central Coast region, and after keeping this blog up to date we had an idea. Why not have a one stop shop for the best hikes Central Coast has to offer. That’s how we came up with the idea of publishing our own Central Coast hiking guide book. We found that the information online can be a little confusing, most blogs mention the same 5 hikes over and over again, and if you’re looking for and idea if a hike is suitable it can be hard, especially for families. That’s where the idea for the book came from. Putting together a concise book full of information focusing of Central Coast family friendly hikes, but also has something for every fitness level, and hiking experience.

Central Coast hikes

This guide book has been designed for people who are new to hiking/exploring as well as families however features numerous hard hikes which also feature some of the best views on the Central Coast. Much of the book contains the best family friendly hikes Central Coast has, as well as tips for each hike. For example toilets, BBQ facilities, best time of year or day to take on the hike as well as the length and grade of each hike. When it comes to planning a day out in nature these are all important things to consider. On top of these there are also a range of hiking tips and general safety measures which should be taken on every hike. This is so you can safely explore. And also

best central coast hikes

On top of this the guide book also includes the best Central Coast waterfalls, hidden gems and the best lookouts in the area. If you plan on visiting the Central Coast or even if you’re a local, this is the best book to guide you on the hiking trails.

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