How to find this hidden Mega Cave on the Central Coast

This is one of the Central Coasts’ best-kept secrets! This hidden Mega Cave on the Central Coast NSW offers the perfect place for seclusion and is the perfect place if you’re looking for one of the more unique things to do on the Central Coast.

The rugged hike offers beautiful views over the Mooney Mooney Creek and takes you to the mouth of a 20ft mega cave deep in the Australian bush. After rock scrambling and catching glimpses of waterfalls you’ll be met by one of the most pristine hidden gems Central Coast NSW has to offer.

The sight of the cave is impressive, but sitting inside the cave offers something surreal. Despite being deep in the bush, there is an unnerving sense of humans’ impact on the land. The sound of the M1 freeway is hard to ignore and a clear reminder of the effect we have.

Despite this, the cave is beautiful. It rivals Pindar Cave on the other side of Brisbane Water National Park and has distinct markers of erosion. After rainfall, the cave also features a waterfall. Which is one of the most beautiful sights we’ve seen in secluded places on the Central Coast.

This Central Coast NSW secret spot is a must to add to any hiker or explorer’s list. It should be noted that this is not an easy hike, and caution should be taken on this hike. It is easy to lose track.

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How to Find

Grade: Hard Length 2kms return

There are a few ways to find this enormous hidden cave. However, I will be showing you the easiest option.

The starting location is on the Old Pacific HWY on an unnamed path. On your GPS put in the location -33.429870, 151.26490. On the western side of the Old Pacific HWY at this location, you’ll find a gate on a dirt path. Follow this path for approx 1km.

Eventually, you’ll reach this sign in the middle of the track.

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From here, look for the second power pole ahead. It’s approx 50m downhill from this sign. This pole is not attached to the power. On the right-hand side of the path in line with this pole, there is a tiny goat track for you to follow.

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Exploring the mega cave

Unfortunately, this is where my instructions will end. This is an incredibly rugged path with no landmarks. However, the entire trek to and past this hidden mega cave has pink ribbons for you to follow. The ribbons are always in sight, just be careful as you follow as it can be easy to lose them. If you follow these ribbons you’ll be led to the entrance of the mega cave.

Just past this cave, you’ll also find one of the most beautiful secret waterfall Central Coast has.

Enjoy! And remember leave no trace.


  • This is a very rugged trek and a lot of rock scrambling is required. Do not attempt if you are new to hiking, or new to rock scrambling.
  • Low power lines are hanging near the track. Be careful.

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