Why You Need a Personal Locator Beacon When Hiking

If you’re interested in hiking, camping, boating, or anything which gets you off the beaten track a little bit, safety should be top of your top priority. In Australia particularly it’s easy for accidents to happen. Especially in areas out of reception ranges. Whilst first aid kits and snake bite kits are essential, another thing that should be packed every trip is a personal locator beacon (PLB).

Any outdoor enthusiast wants to explore the outdoors safely and the best way to do this, especially while off the grid is by carrying a personal locator beacon. A PLB is a small device that sends a distress signal to emergency signal to emergency services via satellite signals at the press of a button. This essentially means that in cases of emergencies and there is no reception, emergency services can still be notified of distress. They can then accurately find your location based on the info the PLB sends. Depending on your location either ground crews or helicopters are immediately sent to your location to provide life-saving help.

Whether you are on land or sea, this is an essential safety device. In Australia, personal location beacons can be the difference between life and death. For hikers it is important to carry a personal locator beacon while hiking in Australia in case conditions change suddenly, landslips, you’re bitten by a snake, you get lost, or injuries happen and you are unable to continue on your hike. It is important to note that a PLB is only to be used in times of emergencies.

After extensive research, we have found this is the best personal locator beacon Australia has to offer. The GME MT610G is the best option for hikers, campers, and boaters. Below are some of the features it has making it the best PLB for hiking.

personal locator beacon australia
GME MT610G hiking PLB
  • Affordability (<$400AUD)
  • Australian made
  • lightweight design <500g
  • 7 year battery life
  • 6 year warranty
  • no warm-up time – works immediately
  • waterproof
  • buoyant design
  •  integrated 72-channel GPS receiver
  • Compact

Based on what is listed above, it’s easy to see why this personal locator beacon is one of the best on the market and is the perfect addition for hiking, camping, boating, and all outdoor needs.

To buy this PLB we have found that Anaconda has the best price. You can find it here


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