Unique Staycation: Silverton Outback Camels Farm Stay

Are you looking for a unique place to camp or stay while on a road trip? We’ve all been there. It can be hard to find somewhere truly unique and that you will remember for years to come. But we think we have found that place in Silverton NSW. Silverton is a unique place in Outback NSW about 20 minutes north of Broken Hill. It became famous due to its features in popular movies such as Razorback, Mission Impossible II, Mad Max 2, and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. There are very few places to stay here. However one of the options is one of the most unique campsites in NSW. From our experience this is one of the best campsites we’ve experienced and funnily enough, you’ll find it at Silverton Outback Camels.

silverton outback camels
Silverton outback Camels

Based on a Camel Farm you’ll find Silverton’s farm stay. This is a truly unique location where animals roam free and you’ll sleep right under the milky way. The farm features camels, donkeys, Shetland ponies, emus, ostriches, sheep, llamas, turkeys, deer, cats, dogs, chickens, peacocks, and even a dingo. All the animals at the farm are friendly and roam freely through the campsites. This makes it one of the best family-friendly campgrounds NSW has to offer. The kids will have a ball exploring and interacting with the animals as they come to your campsite.

donkeys which wonder through camo and silverton

Paying homage to the history of Silverton you’ll also find tributes to the Mad Max franchise around the farm including a turret system that you can climb and pretend you’re in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

mad max replicas
Replica of the turrets in Mad Max 2

There are 2 options when staying here.


ostrich's at our campsite
Silverton camping

This is one of the best campsites NSW has to offer. This unique stay will be one of the best memories you will take away from Outback NSW. To stay here you must be fully self-sufficient. There is no access to power or water here however there is access to a flushing toilet.

There are multiple camping options and the animals roam freely so be prepared for animals at your campsite. During our stay we made friends with the lambs, cats, and the ostriches made themselves at home at our campsite. To say it’s not an experience is an understatement. However, if you’re not a fan of animals it may not be the best option. It is $10 pp per night to stay at this unique location.

This is suitable for camping and caravans.

Things to do Silverton
Ostrich’s made themselves at home at our campsite


The other option is to stay in a fully self-contained cottage. This cottage sleeps 6 and includes 5 beds and 1 bathroom. The stay also includes access to a 4 person spa and an undercover BBQ area.

Prices start at $130 a night with a 2-night minimum.

This site is also pet friendly with prior approval of your pets.

Being a camel farm you also have the option to book a Camel ride at the farm through Silverton.

To book a tour or to stay at this unique farm, head over to Silverton Outback Camels!

best secret camping spots nsw
Our campsite at Silverton Outback Camels

While in the area find out what there is to do in Broken Hill.


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*we have no affiliation with Silverton outback camels and this is a genuine recommendation from our experience at the farm.

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