How to find this Port Campbell Hidden Gem

The Great Ocean Road is well known for its hidden gems. The impressive scenery brings in people from all over the world to see the 12 apostles. However just west of the 12 apostles in a small coastal town known as Port Campbell. On our trip to this town, we found a unique view of the impressive cliff edges and popular sights which many do not know about. This Port Campbell hidden gem is a must for your bucket list!

This is one the best short and easy hikes Great Ocean Road has and offers a unique perspective of the area. The Port Campbell hike will be a treat to anyone who finds it, although it should be noted that there are no safety rails and the entire hike is along unstable cliff edges.

Please take caution of the risks involved before delving into this hike.

To make the most of this spot. Make sure you come during sunrise or sunset to catch the rocks and cliff edges changing colour.

sunset at this port campbell hidden gem
Sunset at this hidden gem

How to find.

To find this you need to find this gate which is on the corner of Old Great Ocean Road and Morris Street. Once you find this gate, you will need to jump the gate and head up the hill.

jump this fence in port campbell
find this fence

Follow this path for approx 500m until you reach a T intersection.

Here head right towards the coast and follow this dirt track until you reach the coastline.

view of this hidden gem from the track
The view of the coast from the track

Once here head left onto a small goat track and follow this path along the edge of the cliff. You can follow this path for as long or as little as you like. The further along the path you go the more impressive the view gets. However, you will not miss the view from the beginning of the goat track.

Enjoy this easy hike Port Campbell has to offer and stay safe on the cliff edges.

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