How to find Hickey Falls: Hidden waterfall and free camp in NSW

The Central West isn’t known for having an abundance of waterfalls and swimming opportunities. However, Hickey Falls is one of the best-hidden gems Coonabarabran has. This waterfall is a popular swimming spot for locals during the summer. However most of the year it is left dry. This secret waterfall in Central West NSW is one of the best swimming opportunities near the Warrumbungles too.

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Drone photo of Hickey Falls

Hickey Falls rest area is located only one hour out of the Warrumbungle National Park, which whilst it has an abundance of hikes, there are few swimming opportunities making Hickey Falls the perfect opportunity for some wild swimming while in the area.

The 20ft falls are an impressive sight. The water cascades down into a deep natural pool which is ideal for wild swimming, while the rocks which cradle the are perfect for sunbaking and exploring.

Hickey falls coonabaraban

The hike to Hickeys Falls is relatively easy compared to the hikes in the Warrumbungles and will be suited to most fitness levels.

The area however is known for being a hot spot for eastern brown snakes, so it is important to be wary of snakes and carry a snake bite kit while in the area.

Hickeys Falls camping area is also a free camp. The camping area is located only 5 minutes away from the falls. Whilst the campsite is basic. Being a free camp this close to a waterfall is a pretty great find! This is one of the best areas for free camping near Coonabarabran. Set off the freeway there is limited traffic noise. The area has picnic tables, fire pits, and bins. The site is also pet friendly.

Swimming near the warrumbungles: Hickey Falls is a hidden waterfall in nsw. This secret swimming hole near coonabarbran is perfect for cooling off on a hot day.
Swimming at Hickey Falls NSW
How to Find Hickey Falls NSW

When we say blink and you’ll miss it, we mean it. Hickey Falls is located right off the Newell Hwy and there is little signage leading up to the turn-off. Park the car on the Hickeys Falls Rd rest area and walk 5 minutes past the rest area. You will need to do some rock scrambling on large boulders to access the falls. The Hickey Falls walk is easy so long as you are stable on your feet.

hickey falls rest area
Hickeys falls

Hickeys Falls is easily the best wild swimming Warrumbungle National Park has to offer. The pristine water is perfect for cooling off in the summer or after a hike. And is a must-see waterfall near Coonabarabran.

While you’re in the area, find the best hikes in the Warrumbungle National Park here.


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