4 of the best hikes NSW has to offer!

NSW is home to some of the best and most diverse national parks in Australia. Whether you’re looking for a coastal walk, rainforests, waterfalls, rugged mountains, or the desert NSW seems to have it all. In NSW alone there are over 800 national parks and reserves, PLUS state parks and conservation areas. This means NSW has a whole heap of exploring to do! Whilst there are so many hikes to do in NSW here are some of the best hikes NSW has to offer and should 100% be on your bucket lists!

Belougery Split Rock

Grade: Hard Length: 4.6kms

belougery split rock walking track
Grand High Tops in the distance from Belougery split rock

Located in the Warrumbungle National Park the Belougery Split Rock is one of the lesser trafficked hikes compared to the popular Grand High Tops walk. However, with this being said this hike is much more impressive and involves more skills to summit.

The Belougery Split Rock hike offers some of the best views in the Warrumbungle National Park and is arguably the best hike the Warrumbungles has to offer. This hike goes straight up the side of the mountain offering spectacular scenery and views the entire way. Those brave enough to summit one of the park’s most distinctive peaks will need to scramble and climb up carved rocks and metal spikes at an almost vertical angle.

However well worth the effort the Belougery split rock hike offers some of the best views of the Warrumbungle National Park and the Grand High Tops.

To read more about the Warrumbungles check out our national park guide here.

sunrise at belougery split rock
sunrise in the Warrumbungles

Walls of China

Grade: Easy Length 2.5kms

Walls of china mungo national park
Mungo Lunetters inside the Walls of China

Mungo National Park is one of the most elusive places in NSW. Located 4 hours southeast of Broken Hill, you’ll travel through the sands of time where a drought-ridden lake still stands. The Walls of China in Mungo National Park is the most popular point of interest in the national park as it is a significantly important cultural site and also an important part of understanding how drought can affect land.

The Mungo Lunettes in the restricted Walls of China replicate what it feels like to walk on the moon and here you’ll learn about the cultural history of the land.

This is an easy hike through the sand dunes in the lunettes and is accessible by most fitness levels. However, it is now only accessible on tours to limit our impact on the area.

To learn more about Mungo National Park, read our national park guide here.

mungo national park things to do
Golden hour in Mungo National Park

Light to Light

Grade: Moderate Length: 30kms one way

Beowa National Park near Eden
On the Light to Light walk near Saltwater Creek

The Light to Light Walk is an extensive hike along the cliff faces in the Beowa National Park (formally Ben Boyd National Park) just south of Eden on the Sapphire Coast NSW. The Light to Light walk connects two historic lighthouses Boyds Tower and Green Cape Lightstation and is one of the best hikes in NSW.

This hike hugs the coast along giant red rock platforms, windswept heaths, and grasslands and also offers unmatched vantage points for whale watching and swimming in secret rock pools and secluded beaches. Along this track, there are multiple beachfront campsites making it one of the best multi-day hikes in NSW.

humpback whales beowa national park

Bouddi Coastal Walk

Grade: Moderate Length: 8.5kms one way

Bouddi Coastal Walk

Known as the best day hike in NSW the Bouddi Coastal Walk is located on the southern side of the Central Coast. The hike alternates between dirt tracks, and boardwalks and boasts views of cliff faces, secluded beaches, and breathtaking views.

On this walk, you’ll pass 5 secluded beaches including Maitland Bay which is home to the shipwreck PS Maitland. This beach is one of the best beaches Central Coast has to offer and is one of the many picturesque stops on this hike.

The majority of this walk hugs the coastline of the Bouddi National Park and whilst the majority of the hike is level, there are numerous hills on this walk as you climb the headlands. However, with this being said the views are worth it.

On top of being one of the best hikes in NSW,  it was listed by Australian Geographic as one of the best day hikes to do in Australia! So it goes to show the hike is worth the sweat!

best hikes NSW
Access to one of the secluded beaches in the Bouddi National Park


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